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Canvas Director's Chair

Canvas Directors Chairs

  Having spent the last month and a half learning about other bloggers, I find I’m not alone.  I’m not the only one with LOTS of things picked up at yard sales and thrift stores, just sitting and waiting for either the time or inspiration to get completed.  I’m happy to say I can check […]


Final product

Canning Salsa

  I’ve always wanted to learn how to can fruits and veggies.  I even went so far as to buy the Ball Blue Book Guide to Preserving.  Reading through it though made the task seem incredibly daunting.  Well to me at least.  I tend to do better with a hands on approach.  Yesterday I got […]


Bar After

Patio Bar Makeover

  Ever bring home something you know your spouse is going to hate (just because they can’t see your vision)?   I do it all the time.  Drives my darling hubby crazy.  But in this case, I really needed his help.  There was no way I could have moved this by myself.  And it was […]


Thrift Store Finds

ACTS Thrift Store Finds

  Wowee , did I hit the jackpot today or what?  Yes indeedy!  I always forget about this little thrift store run by the 7th Day Adventists until I’m driving past it on a Saturday when they are closed.  But not today.  My original plan was to go check out the large Goodwill when I […]


Closeup 2

Goodwill Finds – Key & Candle Holders

These were Goodwill finds from last year.  I know, I know…slacker.  But they are finished now and I LOVE THEM!!    The key is a bold statement piece at 24″ long and 8.5″ tall.  It was originally a yucky old gold color but I sooo loved the detail and shape.  And as usual, I forgot […]


Sunburst Mirror Placemat

Sunburst Mirror

I have been seeing Sunburst Mirrors all over blogland.  Lots and lots made with bamboo skewers or chopsticks.  But the one I saw this morning made me go…Hey I can do that!  To see what got me so excited,  check out My Blessed Life’s Blog. I’ve had a bag full of clothespins that I found […]


Butterfly Art

Butterfly Art

Quick and Easy Art   After working on my high kitchen shelf last week, I wanted to continue by adding some more art to the walls.  Except I didn’t want to run out and spend any money. So I went rummaging through my vast collection of junk randomness and found a “wicker” looking frame that […]


Kitchen Shelf 031

Displaying Collectibles – Rearrange What You Already Have

People ask me all the time what my best free design tip is.  And I tell them, rearrange what you already have.  You obviously liked it enough to buy it in the first place, right?  Why go buy something new when all you need to do is find the best way to display what you […]


After sanding

Metal Lawn Chair Makeover

Easter weekend I went to my brother’s house for a family get-together.  Now… I have to set the stage for you.  Have you ever seen American Pickers?  Where the two guys drive all over the country stopping at every place that looks like it might hold “rusty gold”?  Yards, barns, outbuildings  are all filled with […]


Business Office Remodel

  Thought I would show you the remodel of my husband’s company office.   What we had to start with was kinda scary.  Two pretty small rooms and the only unit with it’s own bathroom.   Didn’t look like much but we could see the potential.


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Hi, my name is Andrea. I’m a Designer and decor junkie. My emphasis is on do-it-yourself projects, making trash into treasure, recycled/re-purposed materials and seeing things outside the box. [ Read More... ]

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