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Sunday’s Best Party

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Hi and Welcome back.

What a week this has been.  I had every intention of getting a post done last Tuesday, but that took a back seat to the water disaster in our finished basement.  (I posted here about the remodel.)  I spent a good part of the day going over the carpet with an extractor, trying to get as much water out as possible, setting up fans and emptying the dehumidifier.  It’s still debatable whether we will have to pull the carpet out….again.   Yeah, this is the SECOND time we’ve had water.  The first time was last January.  We thought at the time we’d done everything necessary to prevent any more problems….sealed a crack in the floor, dry-lok-ed the entire floor, installed a sump pump to prevent water pushing up underneath the house, and re-routed downspouts further out from the foundation.  All we can figure now is that there is a crack in the wall.

Add on top of this… a new job.  I applied for what I thought was just two days a week as a daytime bartender.  What I ended up with was a position as Day Bar Manager.  Three days of bartending plus additional time doing banking and ordering of beer, liquor and supplies.  While the added income is most definitely a blessing, the time I have available to do the creative things I love has dwindled…considerably.

It is for this reason that I will no longer be co-hosting Sunday’s Best link party with Cathy at My 1929 Charmer.  Cathy will continue to host the party every Sunday starting at 4pm Central.  Please be sure to stop over and link up.  She has been absolutely wonderful to work with and I will still be going over there to party.

Right now, I just want to spend what little free time I have creating fun, beautiful decor, thrifty shopping and sharing it all with you.  I may only post a couple times a week, but I still have lots I want to share.

Thanks so much for being a friend.  I’ve met some really wonderful people and found I love blogging more than I ever thought I would.  All I ever wanted was to share my projects with an audience that would actually appreciate them. I have found that and so much more.

Please know that if you’ve sent a message or left a comment…I will reply, it just may take me a while =/  If you have followed me and I haven’t followed back, please let me know and I will make sure I hop on over.

Enough of the Debbie-Downer….Next post is more of my Christmas decor, specifically the Turquoise and Copper Christmas Tree and a nifty little trick to add something special to your wall so be sure to check back.  I still have a couple crafts to finish and a couple thrift store visits to share soon.

Enjoy the rest of your Monday…there is less than 2 weeks ’til Christmas.  Are you done shopping and wrapping?  Totally ready?  Not ready at all?  Just curious =)



Andrea Clem

Hi, my name is Andrea. I’m a Designer and decor junkie. My emphasis is on do-it-yourself projects, making trash into treasure, recycled/re-purposed materials and seeing things outside the box. [ Read More... ]

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