I am truly overwhelmed and thankful to all of my guests who attended my 2nd Annual Black Artist Contest Exhibition yesterday. It was an amazing event and truly the celebration of my daddy’s life that he deserved when he passed last year, but we couldn’t make happen because of the pandemic. 
Thank you to all of the artists who submitted their beautiful works of art. Your talent is truly inspiring. Congratulations again to Barbara Mason, Mark Crow and Candace Marquette for winning first, second and third place consecutively.


Karen White and Barbara Mason, First Place Winner, "Transparency"


Mark Crow, Second Place Winner, "Black Male With A Hoodie"


Candace Marquette, Third Place Winner, "The Rebirth of Candace"

To the judges, Angelia Pelham, City of Frisco, Councilperson, Peter Burns, Veteran & Retired Corporate Executive and Will Odom, Board Member, Frisco Arts Foundation, thank you for your passion for the arts and making the time to judge over 25 pieces.

To Tammy Suh Meinershagen, Chairperson, Frisco Arts Foundation, thank you for your support as I've ventured into the art world.




Thank you to so many friends and customers who attended the event and have supported me since I opened the doors of Oasis Accents. This store is truly my life’s greatest passion and I am blown away by your support.


And daddy, thank you for always watching over me. You will always be my greatest inspiration. I miss you so much. Love you, forever!!

About Fritz White

As I kick-off the 2nd Annual Black Artist Contest in honor of my dad, Fritz White, it’s fitting that I share more about the man who I’ve admired my entire life.

My dad was the seventh of eight boys born in Georgetown, Guyana. Early in his career as air traffic controller, he relocated to Barbados, where he met my mom, Eglantine, and they married in 1959. They immigrated to New York the following year, settling in Brooklyn where they would raise my older sister, Jacqueline, and me.

Striving hard to provide for his family, my dad pursued a college education at night for over a decade while working multiple jobs. During his career, he held positions in both customer service and finance.  He retired in 1998.

My dad was an active member of his church, where he served as assistant treasurer, treasurer, and warden, utilizing his accounting background. 

A true gentleman, my dad was charming and tall – an imposing figure at 6’2”, with a commanding presence and a statesman’s demeanor. Always with a smile, his warmth and laughter were infectious. He loved traveling and seeing the world. He was an avid reader, an intellectual, and a philosopher who had an insatiable quest for knowledge. He could converse on almost any topic from politics to world history to current events. His wise and insightful discussions left you in awe of his vast knowledge, his humbleness inspired you – he truly relished imparting knowledge to others. A consummate giver who adored his family, he was known for his kind and compassionate spirit. My dad passed away on April 2, 2020, after contracting Covid-19 during a stay in a New York hospital.

When I opened Oasis Accents in 2017, my dad often coached me about my business, and one of his suggestions was that I sell black art. I didn’t immediately act upon his advice because I naively thought I didn’t have the right audience. But his instincts were right.  My dad had a thirst for exploring and experiencing different cultures, loved all types of art, and knew its historical significance would bring value to my customers. Last year I launched the 1st Annual Black Art Contest in my dad’s honor.  I’m thrilled to continue this tradition to honor my dad and showcase talented black artists in the North Texas area.