June Dallas Market

June Dallas Market

This past week, I shopped at the home market in Dallas, TX. This is one of the biggest markets that exhibits the very best in home furnishings and accessories. There were so many beautiful finds and it was so hard to choose. The event also highlights some of the significant trends in home fashion.

Blue continues to be the trendy color, with various shades like navy, teal and aqua. Another popular color this market is a beautiful and calming seafoam green. Metals continue to make a fashion statement with brushed silver and antique gold stealing the show. Mixing metals has become very fashionable. Years ago, you had to choose between silver or gold. Now, it’s no longer taboo to mix them together.

When I go to market, I’m focused on choosing items that are not only gorgeous, but also unique. I want our customers to fall in love with the accessories that I’ve fallen in love with at market. Below is a little preview of some of my best finds that you’ll see at Oasis Accents in the very near future.

Happy Designing!

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