Mixing Metals

Mixing Metals

Mixing Metals Is OK!

Do you love silver home accents? Or, do you prefer gold ones? These days you don’t have to choose between metals anymore. It’s OK to use both metals. Mixing metals and including both gold and silver in a room is on trend.

Back in the ‘80s, mixing metals was taboo, but as with all trends, that one is out the door. Using both metals will bring character and depth to any room or home, but you have to follow a few simple guidelines. Here are some easy tips:

Pick a metal that you absolutely love, either silver or gold. This will be your dominant metal. Any additional metals that you choose will be your secondary accent. Keep the secondary metals subtle, and don’t let them compete with your primary metal.

Use a warm metal, like gold and brass, with colors like red, brown and yellow. Bring in a silver metal to add a unique element or a pop of the unexpected.

Use a cool metal, like silver and chrome, with colors like blue, violet and green. Add a gold accent to make the room feel alive. For example, incorporating a gold mirror in a room with gray tones will make it come to life.

And lastly, iron is a base metal that works with both silver and gold.

Happy Designing!

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