Moving from Traditional to Transitional Design – Part II

Moving from Traditional to Transitional Design – Part II

In Part I, we defined transitional design. Now, let’s review how to move from traditional to transitional and the tips to get started:
  • Painting a room is one of the best ways to makeover a room. Moving from dark to light colors will breathe freshness into your space.
  • Decluttering accessories is essential to achieving a clean and simple look. “Less is more” is the main goal of transitional design. If you have a lot of accessories that you’ve collected over time, consider keeping your prized possessions, donate others that you are ready to part with or pack away items that you want to use in the future. You can even rotate accessories to other spaces in your home for a new look. This exercise focuses on taking away excess and keeping things clean, simple and elegant.

  • Swapping out traditional art with dark colors and heavy frames and replacing them with lighter tones will neutralize a space. A stunning piece of art, wall décor or a mirror can make a WOW statement and transform a room.
  • Replacing a traditional light fixture with a modern one can also dramatically change a room.
  • Changing pillows on a sofa or chair will freshen up your décor.

Sometimes it’s the simple and small elegant touches we make. These changes can totally transform a room, making it your oasis.
Happy Designing!

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