Moving from Traditional to Transitional Design – Part I

Moving from Traditional to Transitional Design – Part I

Looking to refresh your home décor and move from a traditional design, but don’t want to go all the way to a contemporary style? You may want to consider transitional decor and you can achieve this without starting from scratch.

Transitional is typically described as comfort with a modern twist. It’s comprised of the best of both traditional and contemporary worlds. It embraces clean lines, but is also plush, while making a room feel cozy and welcoming. The furniture lines are simple and elegant and can be straight or rounded. Home accessories tend to be simple, clean and serene, but sophisticated. The goal of transitional design is to achieve more of a minimalist style.

If you desire a transitional look, here are some “must-have” elements to consider:

  • Keep your traditional furnishings and consider updating some of your accents, including accessories, lighting, and art.
  • Stay simple, neutral and airy. Choose soft grays instead of harsh blacks and warm tans rather than harsh browns.
  • Limit the number of accessories, but choose stylish and different pieces that can make a big impact.
  • Add multiple textures to create interest, but keep them to four or five complimentary shades and patterns.
  • Use art and area rugs to make a bold statement.

Stay-tuned tomorrow for Part II - Moving from Traditional to Transitional Decor.

Happy Designing!





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