Tips for Hanging Artwork

Tips for Hanging Artwork

My customers ask me all of the time how to hang art or position it correctly. Here are some quick tips to hang your art appropriately every time.

Hanging The Right Size

Before you hang artwork, you should figure out the right size for a particular area. In general, artwork hung over furniture, for example, a sofa, console or bench, should be two-thirds the width of the furniture.

Hanging On A Wall

If you’re hanging art on a wall, place it at eye level or about 57- 60 inches from the center of the art to the floor.

Hanging Above Furniture

When hanging art above furniture, like a chest or sofa, place the artwork about 4-6 inches above the piece.

Hanging Multiple Artwork

If you’re hanging multiple pieces on one wall, the ideal spacing should be 3-6 inches between them.

In conclusion, you have to love your artwork and where it’s placed, so these are guidelines. You can make small adjustments based on what is the most important to you.

Happy Designing!


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